1. Are Dani T Collection products natural?

- We offer products that are all-natural with no added fragrance or preservatives. Please be sure to read all ingredients when making your choice. 

2. Are Dani T Collection products vegan?

- Not all out products are vegan, however, we do offer a number of products that are vegan. Please be sure to read all ingredients. 

3. What type of products does Dani T Collection sell?

- Dani T Collection sells body scrubs, face oils, body oils, body washes, bath soaks, body butters and more. Products sold will change or rotate based on inventory or season.

4. Does Dani T Collection accept returns or exchanges?

- No, due to the nature of the products and COVID-19 no returns or exchanges are accepted. The company will not refund any order that has shipped or lost by the USPS. If the item is damaged during shipping a claim can be filed with the USPS, however please do contact us at info@danitcollection with proof of damage and we will try our best to assist you.  

5. Can I change my address after I order

- No, if your address is incorrect your order will be cancelled.

6. I ordered a body butter and it melted, what can I do? 

- Body butters will melt in high heat, however, it does not compromise the butters and is still safe to use even in liquid state. We cannot completely control high heat temperatures. If it does arrive melted place it i the refrigerator for 1-2 hours and allow it to solidify. The consistency may change, but the benefits do not. 

7. How long do Dani T Collection products stay fresh? 

- We recommend all products be used within 3-6 months once opened. We recommend storing in dry space and tightly closed when not in use. Avoid direct contact with water. 

8. What are the differences between your body scrubs and body polishes? 

- Our body polishes are emulsified sugar scrubs, which mean we use an emulsifying wax. The emulsifying wax used is vegetable based and a naturally derived product. It allows you to get the same exfoliation with less residual oil. Our body scrubs are oil based sugar scrubs. 

9. Are your products handmade? 

- Yes, our products are handmade (accessories are not handmade) and due to this each item may vary. It also means that it takes time once an order is made to create each product.

10. Why are there white spots in my Bar Soap?

-The white spots are air bubbles and/or stearic spots, that form when soap is processed at low temperatures. These spots are safe and the bar is usable. It is a cosmetic issue.